Welcome to Cranmore Tower – a unique visitors attraction

Cranmore Tower is a Somerset Folly offering spectacular views, beautiful walks, and much more!

Cranmore Tower is an old folly prominently sited on a high point of the East Mendip range in Somerset. Built-in the 1860s job recruiters near me by local Stone Masons upon request of flowers Christmas edition jack and the beanstalk bonus land owner John Moore Paget, the Tower still https://es.medadvice.net/ stands today proudly overlooking the countryside and offering spectacular views from an elevation of 1050 ft above sea level.

Come visit us, walk and relax in the beautiful, tranquil, deciduous Cranmore wood. Climb the Tower’s 184 steps and enjoy spectacular views of the Somerset countryside and 6 other counties on a clear day. Enjoy nature and delight in spending moments with your mind at peace, your spirit calm, and your soul in its rightful state of joy. Tea and coffee are available. Bring everyone including your pets!


For info on how to find us click here.

For info on Tower opening times and prices click here.

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Note: there is no public vehicle access to the Tower. Please park in the car park off Old Wells road – use google maps to find parking place. Thank you.

Spring 2017 – Cranmore Tower Renovation works update

Here are a couple of before & after photographs of the re-pointing work completed on the South facing facade of the Tower.

Summer 2016 – Cranmore Tower Renovation works and heritage sharing project

The Tower is over 150 years old and has stood the test of time, proving itself to be a strong and robust structure. But all old buildings need care and attention, so to ensure the Tower remains in good condition for years to come, some renovation and repair works are needed. We have started a project to undertake these repairs and are currently seeking funding to help provide some of the financing. The project will also have a heritage sharing aspect to it, we plan to generate display boards with the history of the Tower and local area. Террасы мербау

We would love to know what aspects of the Tower or local area you would like to know about and see displayed at the Tower. If you have any views, advice, or if you have any old memories or photographs of the Tower please get in touch at info@cranmoretower.co.uk or 01749 880 742.

If you have time please complete our very short questionnaire – Cranmore Tower – Renovation & heritage sharing project questionnaire.

See here for more information on the renovation and repair works.

New Circular Walk Around Asham Wood

We’ve just added another new circular walk, this one goes from the Tower around the beautiful Asham Wood and back. It’s a really nice walk which takes you through the pretty little village of Downhead, through the woodland, and then back to the Tower skirting around the edge of Merehead quarry.  The walk  is approximately 7.9 miles (12.6 km). As always all comments on directions are welcome. To download the walk click here.

New Circular Walk

We’ve just added a new Circular Walk from the Tower to East Somerset Railway and back, total distance 6.7 miles. Why not try it this weekend? Click here for link to the walks page, all comments and feedback on the directions are welcome.

Cranmore Tower - Start & end point for walks

Cranmore Tower – Start & end point for walks

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