About us

Who we are

Cranmore Tower is owned by a small family that originally bought the Tower in 1992 and used it for more than 15 years purely as a residential dwelling.  In 2007, once the kids (now adults and still job opportunities near me keenly involved with the Tower) had flown the nest we embarked on a medadvice keenly involved with the Tower) had flown the nest we embarked on a restoration project to replace the timber staircase from top to bottom, 184 steps! Work was completed by carpenter Andrew Gray over period of 1 year using local timber. Reclaimed timber from the Tower was used to lay a wooden floor in the main hall. With the new stair case complete the Tower was once again open to the public in summer 2007.

Since 2007, as well as having a small steady stream of general public visiting, we have had the pleasure of hosting a couple of weddings and charity events at the Tower. We have established a relationship with local Charities who use the Tower for adventurous fundraisers (like abseiling and zip lining), the South West Scout Young Leaders, and local astronomers who use the Tower and facilities as their base.

Our vision and principles

Over the years as more groups and organisations as well as the public have visited, Cranmore Tower has started become “Visitor Attraction and Educational centre”. One of our core principles is to be open to all humanity, we want the tower to be used and visited by groups and individuals from all walks of life. We love diversity.

So a community of social and educational enterprises is emerging at Cranmore Tower adhering to foundational guiding principles of: Unity in diversity, Equity and justice, Equality of opportunity for women and men, Trustworthiness and moral leadership, and Independent investigation of truth.

We are working with and hope to work with more groups and organisations (please see links page) whose aims are service to humanity in the areas of:  Economic development, Education, Environmental stewardship, and the like.

If you have an activity in mind and it fits with what we are about please get in touch.