Vistors comments

“First visit yesterday Saturday 8th September with Alison Vaas (and Zebedee the small black dog). The views from the top are of course tremendous but more important for me was the serene aura the place is imbued with in the midst of what must be one of the few surviving deciduous woods in this part of Somerset; Will be back very soon :)”


David Edwards




“Dear Farhad,

Cranmore has always had a life of its own, well, Baha’u’llah has given its life…and yes as you say, as He decrees… what I have always appreciated about Cranmore and your relationship with it is how much you allowed the place to become part of the people’s lives, all people, Bahais, walkers, people from the village, and now the Scouts…a place of in-gathering, a place of uniting humanity…for bringing about the realisation of the oneness of our world.”


Jess x